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Interior design in commercial places has taken a turn for transformative in the recent years. It’s no longer just the aesthetics that company owners aspire to have in their workspaces. A number of other factors come in to the mix too, and those factors are proven to have big impact on the productivity of the teams working in those offices.

Cherry Hill spearheads this movement of innovative, sustainable and thoughtful workspace designs through its trend sweeping design ideas and interior services in Kolkata. We welcome you to check out our array of designs for office interiors to get things going. We bring you designs that focus on giving the employees an inspiring environment to work in. We conjure it visually through use of colors, props and artworks that aim to uplift the team spirit and build enthusiasm.  

With our team of Interior Designers, we do commercial office interior designs for all kinds of companies in Kolkata, from small startup firms to big corporations. We serve clients nationwide through our teams of talented office interior designers in Kolkata that have the most impressive and proven portfolio in designing.

We like to start the designing at the computer before getting things started at the building front. For that, our designers first create photo-realistic renderings of the floor plan, wall color pallet and lighting. This helps streamline the project and make the real work commence much faster.

But if you are into customized stuff, we invite you to build your own package from the available options. That way, you can keep the prices as low as possible. We have prices starting as low as a few thousand rupees hourly which works well for our small company clients who are new to investment.

We have a modernist approach, which we put to action in all our designs, but we never forget to infuse it with warmth to produce visual comfort in the designs. Cherry Hill is a master office design company that strongly believes in the magic of optics. We try to conjure that magic through crossovers and collaborations, and in that, we follow no rules. We do make a lot of exceptions in our interior services in Kolkata though on our way to achieving the targeted visual results.

We have done a ton of commercial projects for offices, hotels and other establishments, and what we have learned from them is that despite being workspaces, each of these institutions has a very distinguishable character and we try to bring that out through our designs. In other words, our office interior designers in Kolkata try to create workspaces that are universes in themselves, a place where employees can immerse themselves in thinking and working and stay positively inspired and competitive.

Our works are marked by innumerable cultural influences, and in Kolkata, we try to preserve that same style through our designs. With the ultimate goal to make modern and traditional meet, we aim to create a visual harmony that is a mood in itself.

Check out our selection of Instagram-worthy office interior designs in our show reel.

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