Modern Interior designing companies decoration trends for 2022 in India

A good way to know the trends in Interior designing companies interior decor design is through the proposals of the Furniture. We will show you below, the most notorious that has been seen for 2018 in this event, one of the largest of its kind worldwide.

An abundance of warm and earthy colors was on display at this year’s fair, replacing the more minimalist palette of previous seasons. The tones of sienna, bronze, terracotta, mold green and reddish were used in all the rooms, as well as in furniture and decorative objects.

The most used colors as accents of decoration, were the dark forest green, emerald green, and watermelon red. Each room exhibited showed how to mix terracotta, peach and rose with green in the right amount.

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Kitchen decor trends

Marble is still the preferred material for kitchens, however, the appearance is now decidedly more discreet. Instead of Carrara, green and brown marble has been seen. The marble benches are thinner, even some proposals hide the edges, and is placed behind the cabinets.

Another proposal is the all-black kitchen, which offers a contemporary and sophisticated look, especially when mixed with indoor plants. The black was used in metal, painted wood and stone, even in the sink.

The tendency to hide storage and crockery was reversed this season, as there were plenty of cupboards with glass doors and open shelves to display the crockery.

Appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, and kitchen burners are elements that are increasingly hidden in kitchens.

Room Decor Trends

The shapes are both geometric and organic. Within the geometric designs are the stripes, for example, and inside the organic forms, many curved armchairs and wallpapers painted by hand with watercolor.

A movement towards comfort in the sofas, with many curved shapes and very soft fillings.


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