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Interior designing is more than just décor. It builds or breaks the character of a space, and that’s why we take it upon ourselves to make office designs stunning, and effective. We are an office and corporate interiors Bangalore company with presence all around the country offering smart modular designs to small and big office spaces.

We have a colossal crew of designers from across India. Our office interior designers in Bangalore all come with an impressive resume and years of experience. Those currently working with us are not just gifted in the job of designing. They are also extraordinary analysts and innovative thinkers.

Our staff is extremely cogent and like to go one step at a time so that no detail is missed out in the process. We start with a concept proposal which we analyze closely to detect the issues underlying the layout. We look into workspaces, storage as well as free spaces before coming up with improvement plans.

If during the investigation, we are met with a functional scheme is fuzzy and mixed up, we work towards simplifying and better organizing it. For all storage spaces inside a workspace, we try and divide them into compartments for expansion which we then categorize for easy accessing.

Our office interior designers in Bangalore put special focus on the reception areas, which as far as aesthetics are concerned, are the face of corporate office buildings. The first thing they do is clear up the space and get rid of all unnecessary furnishing in the area. The idea is to maximize the seating to accommodate more visitors at the same time.  

We also work towards improving the visuals of a space, through change of aesthetics. For aesthetics and illumination, we often rely on simple additions like skylights that though too big of a change, are usually very effective in creating a special appeal.

For storage improvements, we put to use spare spaces like those under the stairs or in the corner. We transform these unused spaces into maintenance equipment storage.

The ultimate aim of our office interiors Bangalore designs is to consolidate the corporate workspace. To that end, we rearrange the available work stations into one single unit. We also move around shelves and cabinets to create additional free space where more desks can be fit.  

A large part of our designs is wall decoration. For most of our projects, we try to reserve the longest wall available without interruptions for custom printing and designing. On this wall, we make designs and artwork that work as the focal point of the workspace and lead with that.

We transform small conference rooms into single function spaces. We refurnish the spaces with the purpose of maximizing the space and minimizing the clutter.

If you are planning to redo an office space in Bangalore or have recently acquired an office for which you want to get the interiors done, give us a call. We have presence in all parts of Bangalore, and that makes us extremely easy to get in touch with.

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